SÜDÖL Mineralöl-Raffinerie GmbH

Processing of waste oils

In accordance with the Waste Oil Ordinance, SÜDÖL Mineralöl-Raffinerie GmbH processes waste oils and other oil-containing liquids and substances.

In our own processing facilities, we have the best prerequisites for creating high-quality products from waste oils which allow us to compete with primary products.

After intermediate storage and sampling, the collected waste oils are subjected to complex processes. Our material recycling results in new, high-quality products that find their way back into the economic cycle.

By processing waste oils we make an important contribution to the conservation of resources.

Products of SÜDÖL Mineralöl-Raffinerie GmbH

  • base oils
  • flux oils
  • fuels
  • engine oils
  • hydraulic Oils
  • gear oils

Used oils that are to be disposed of as hazardous waste due to their pollutant content are generally not accepted.