SÜDÖL Recycling GmbH

Sustainable conservation of resources!

Recycling is a building block of a more sustainable world as natural resources are conserved by processing materials for a new purpose.

SÜDÖL Recycling GmbH specialises in the recycling of

  • solvents
  • roller washing agents
  • hardening or machining oils from parts washing

Used solvents or solvent-containing waste water are hazardous waste materials which we collect and forward for professional processing. Today, solvents are particularly needed in many areas of surface technology.

In our facilities, we recycle solvent-containing materials that have to be disposed of after industrial use. In addition, we recycle used roller washing agents from the printing industry as well as hardening and machining oils that remain after parts washing.

In the course of recycling, fuel is obtained which we return to the circular economy. After professional processing, any waste water remaining after the separation of materials is returned to the natural waters cycle.