Labor Produkte


High-quality secondary raffinates with additives

Lubricants produced at SÜDÖL Mineralöl-Raffinerie GmbH consist of special base oils and the admixture of specific additives.

The processed waste oils are secondary raffinates that have undergone several refining steps. Even before the waste oil is processed in our plants, the coarsest contaminants are filtered out. Subsequently, all decomposable components are removed in various production stages. The result of our processing is high-quality products that successfully compete with the alternative - the procurement of new crude oil products. With our product variants, we cover various areas of application:

  • Base oils (of various viscosities)
  • hydraulic oils
  • Gear oils
  • engine oils

Our products are used to reduce friction and wear as well as for power transmission, cooling and vibration damping. Within the scope of their use, they exhibit high temperature and oxidation stability.

The advantages of our second raffinates compared to the first raffinates are obvious:

  • better VI behavior
  • lower Noak evaporation loss
  • better sulphur content
  • better oxidation behavior
  • better base for any lubricant containing mineral oil

With our regeneration plants, we have the technology to enable the permanent regeneration of used oil, as the actual base oil is not subject to wear.