Disposal and processing, with experience and competence

SÜDÖL consists of three legally independent medium-sized disposal and service companies based in Eislingen.

Since 1935 we have been successfully recycling waste oils at our facility in Eislingen.

As in all sectors of the economy, the waste disposal industry has undergone a transformation that is reflected in today's SÜDÖL companies. Innovative and modern plant technologies in waste processing, the variety and volume of waste to be disposed of, customer-oriented logistics processes, legally compliant, economical as well as sustainable disposal concepts and much more form the essential market requirements.
Our thoughts and actions are geared to the needs and wishes of our customers. We offer safe and future-oriented disposal solutions as well as high-quality products. Our customers trust in SÜDÖL's expertise and benefit from our personal service, which we provide in a partnership-like manner.

Business areas and services of the SÜDÖL companies

We act in accordance with our claim to be a clean, punctual, reliable and certified specialist waste disposal company. With the associated investments in technology, we see ourselves well positioned today and for the future.

Südöl Altölentsorgung und Recycling Eislingen - Abholung durch Spezialfahrzeuge
Südöl Altölentsorgung und Recycling Eislingen - Anlagetechnik
Südöl Altölentsorgung und Recycling Eislingen - Anlagetechnik