Disposal is complex and multi-layered

Waste oils, other liquid and solid wastes are waste products that are generated in large quantities in industrial manufacturing processes as well as in other economic units. Environmentally comprehensive disposal is an integral part of the entire logistical process, which requires proper and professional handling of these wastes. The Waste Oil Ordinance regulates the environmentally comprehensive disposal of waste oil.

Certified waste management company

  • As a certified waste management company, we create a waste management concept optimized to your needs that takes into account all waste produced, suitable waste containers, all relevant framework conditions and the applicable legal regulations.
  • We comply with the valid legal regulations for safe and environmentally compliant disposal.
  • The exchange of information on the frequently changing statutory and legal regulations in the waste disposal industry is important to us.

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In addition to waste oil, we dispose of a variety of other liquid and solid wastes that are also part of the disposal concept.
Our multi-chamber vehicles enable us to collect different liquids at the same time, which is effective and reduces transport costs.